Jurgen Klopp facing FA charge over Paul Tierney comments


Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp is facing a potential sanction, according to reports.

This comes owing to the German tactician’s latest post-match comments.

Liverpool, of course, were back in action earlier today, welcoming Tottenham Hotspur to Anfield for a Premier League clash.

The Reds, when all was said and done, emerged triumphant, thanking a last-gap Diogo Jota effort for a thrilling 4-3 win.

Despite his side’s eventual victory, though, post-match, the aforementioned Jurgen Klopp was not shy in making his frustrations clear.

Speaking to the media, the German tactician took aim at referee Paul Tierney in ruthless fashion, outright insinuating that the official has something ‘against’ he and Liverpool:

“What he said to me when he gave the yellow card is unacceptable. I really don’t know what he has against us - he says there are no problems, but that can’t be true. The way he looks at me - I don’t understand it.”

And, as alluded to above, if the latest word doing the rounds late on Sunday night is anything to go by, then such comments look set to come at a cost.

As per a report from The Times, Klopp is in line for a charge, on the part of the FA.

Further details on the situation are expected to be forthcoming over the days ahead.

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