Blackpink's Jisoo & Play2Donate Admin dating rumours surface again


Blackpink's Jisoo seems to have been entangled in dating rumours and with play2donate admin yet again.

Blackpink's Jisoo is one of the most stunning K-pop idols out there and while many would love to date the diva, the singer is fiercely protective of her private life. Jisoo is actually one of those idols who has managed to maintain a clean image throughout her career in K-pop, so it is hard to believe when she is actually entangled in dating rumours.

It is safe to say that fans require a little more than matching bracelets and similarly scheduled flights to believe in baseless rumours. Since Jisoo has never really gotten involved in any such rumours till now, it is highly unlikely that she will respond to them personally this time around.

On the work front, Jisoo is all set to stun the audience with her acting skills. That's right, new single album is finally coming last month. She has also been making headlines for her stunning look at the Paris Fashion Week wherein she attended the Dio runway show as their global brand ambassador.

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