Jeff Bezos Cheated On His Ex-Wife With His Now-Fiancée Lauren Sanchez


In the glitzy realm of billionaires and high-profile romances, the tale of Inc. founder Jeff Bezos and Emmy Award-winning journalist Lauren Sanchez stands out. The couple's love story started amid scandal, but now they're happily engaged.

Their relationship's early days were riddled with controversy. In 2018, whispers of their affair began to circulate, even though Bezos's 25-year marriage to MacKenzie Scott had not yet formally ended. Amplifying these rumors were reports from the National Enquirer magazine, suggesting that Bezos and Sanchez's shared passion for helicopters brought them closer.

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Sanchez, a former Fox News anchor, owned Black Ops Aviation and is a qualified pilot. She accompanied Bezos during the ninth test flight of the New Shepard rocket for his secret Blue Origin venture in Texas in July 2018. This timeline was further complicated by the fact that Sanchez was still married to talent magnate Patrick Whitesell, who introduced the duo in 2016. While the specifics of when their romance began remain murky, their association attracted its fair share of attention and speculation.

Despite the buzz, Bezos attempted to maintain a sense of normalcy. He celebrated his wife MacKenzie's birthday in an ice hotel in Norway in April 2018. Yet, by fall, those close to him noted his increasing distraction. His sudden interest in helicopters, leading to the purchase of one for his holding company, was particularly surprising. This fascination even influenced Amazon's plans for a new headquarters in Long Island City, featuring helipads.

The National Enquirer allegedly paid Sanchez's brother Michael $200,000 for private photos exchanged between Bezos and Lauren. However, Michael Sanchez denied ever leaking the photos. Bezos filed an extortion lawsuit against Michael Sanchez.

Once news of the affair broke, Bezos remarked to his executives, "Just to set the record straight, I did have a relationship with this woman. But the story is completely wrong and out of order. MacKenzie and I have had good, healthy adult conversations about it. She is fine. The kids are fine. The media is having a field day. All of this is very distracting, so thank you for being focused on the business."

This scandal came to a head on Jan. 9 when the Bezoses took to X to announce their decision to end their 25-year-long marriage, emphasizing their intention to remain friends. Their unified front, however, was called into question when the National Enquirer soon afterward released what they claimed were "sleazy" texts between Bezos and Sanchez during the marriage. US Weekly claimed Sanchez and Bezos were "relieved" their affair went public and described it as a dark cloud that had been looming over their relationship.

Looking at Bezos's journey with Sanchez, one can't help but also recall his pricey divorce from Scott. They didn't have a prenup when they divorced in 2019, which led to a massive $38 billion settlement, the largest in history. The settlement is a reminder of the complexities intertwining business, money and love.

Recognizing the financial complexities of his past, Bezos is reportedly taking no chances this time and plans to have a prenup with Sanchez.

This careful approach mirrors another essential aspect of Bezos's life: investing. Bezos's journey from starting Amazon in a garage to building it into a global behemoth underscores the importance of strategic investing. Not just in mega-corporations, but also in startups. Young companies, with the right backing and guidance, can transform into industry leaders. Investing wisely, whether it's in relationships or in business, can shape futures and leave lasting legacies.

Bezos was able to quickly bounce back from his divorce financially, ranking second on the 2023 Forbes 400 list with a net worth of $161 billion.

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