PMGC 2023 Grand Finals Day 1: Teams, map order, livestream, and more


Day 1 of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC 2023) Grand Finals will kick off on December 8 at 4:30 pm IST. The 16 finalists are ready to battle it out for a huge prize pool and the world champion title. Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, will host the three-day competition, and 18 matches are scheduled to be contested in battle royale mode.

A total of 14 teams have been selected from the League Stage of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, while the remaining two have received special invitations to participate directly in the finals

Top teams to watch out for

Alpha7 Esports from Brazil have been incredibly consistent in their performances over the last three years. They are expected to continue their exploits and dominate the PMGC 2023 Finals. Their top players, Revo, Carrilho, and SenaTexa, will likely play key roles in this stage.

Mongolian squads 4Merical and Stalwart have been in good form. They performed exceptionally well in the League Stage and have the potential to win the title this year.

Weibo, STE, and TEC are known as some of the strongest Chinese teams on the circuit. They have showcased their phenomenal abilities in the regional PEL events this year. Weibo and STE also demonstrated their top-notch skills in the PMGC League Stage.

Loops from Brazil, Persija Evos from Indonesia, and D’Xavier from Vietnam all have experienced players in their lineup. These teams were impressive in the League Stage and will be looking for a good start to the PMGC Finals on Day 1. Meanwhile, S2G Esports, the reigning champions, will try to defend their coveted trophy.

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